Kerala History Archives

The Kerala History Archives is an initiative of the Department of History, University of Calicut, Kerala, India. This digital platform is hosted by the Calicut University Computer Centre. These platforms are intended for sharing the archival documents preserved by the Department to the student and research community for academic purposes. Documents uploaded in the website are viewable to the research scholars.

These documents were collected by the Department since 1968 and are very valuable for the understanding of the history of Kerala society and other parts of the world. Research scholars are requested to acknowledge the Kerala History Archives of the Department of History, University of Calicut when using them for research and other purposes. Rules and regulations framed by the Department from time to time are applicable for the materials uploaded on the website.


Here are the digitized archives

Palm Leaves

Manuscripts written on palm leaves collected from various places

Sculptures and Inscriptions

A photo archive of sculptures and inscriptions collected at the History department

Rare Documents

Digitized collection of historically important documents, manuscripts; and collection of old publications

Image Gallery

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